A/B Testing for TYPO3


In A / B testing 2 different versions of a website or landing page are created in order to test which version is better to achieved the goal. Once the different versions are created, the visitors to the website are spread on this for a certain period by coincidence, in order to analyze which leads to higher conversion rates. The successful version will be permanently implemented in order to be later possibly retested against another variant.

This extension implements the A/B testing functionality in TYPO3.


To install the extension, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Extension Manager
  2. Install the extension realurl, if not already done so
  3. Install the extension bdegmbh_abtest
  4. Create a new folder and on tab "Behaivior" choose under "Use as container" plugin "A/B Website Folder"

In this video, we demonstrate the installation.

How to use

In this video, we demonstrate the how to use the extension.

If you want to test a website against a variant you have to define your original website as an "A/B Website (Original)". Immediately after page type was changed, the following appears:

  • "Original website icon" Original website icon is shown beneath title in page tree
  • In your "A/B Website Folder" a new folder was created with the name of the original website
  • A 1:1 copy of the original website was created under the "original website" folder and this name is "Variant 1"

A folder was created with name of your original website

Place all variants under this folder.

To use one or more variants in an A/B test edit the properties of your original website and choose on tab "Define A/B Website Variants" all variants you want to test.

Select the variant you want to use

That's all. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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